Buckhorn Pipe Tobacco – Smooth 16oz

$10.99 $7.95

Buckhorn Pipe Tobacco is a value-priced brand that uses the finest aged Virginia and Kentucky tobaccos to create three distinct blends. All available in affordable 16 oz, bags, the pipe smoker has a choice between Buckhorn Mint, a crisp, invigorating blend that livens the palate, Buckhorn Smooth, an easygoing all-day smoke with a rich nutty flavor and aroma. And, lastly, the Buckhorn Max blend, that offers a heartier and spicier experience best suited for the well-seasoned pipe connoisseur.


Buckhorn Pipe Tobacco Smooth uses perfectly aged golden Virginia tobaccos to create an easygoing all-day smoke that never bites the tongue. The naturally sweet flavors and aromas from this non-aromatic blend come strictly from these finely aged leaves. Buckhorn Smooth is available in affordable, airtight, resealable 16oz bags to retain freshness.


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