Dutch Masters – Cigarillos Palma

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Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, flavors, and packaging, Dutch Masters cigars are produced in Puerto Rico. Crafted by the masters of Altadis USA, the brand has become America’s #1 natural wrapped machine made cigar and the most profitable as well. Since 1912, these have been enjoyed by smokers everywhere. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have an all-around good smoke at a reasonable price that’s satisfying and aromatic.

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The Masters Collection Cigarillos Palma from the famous Dutch Masters brand – the best-selling machine-made cigar brand in the USA, is an absolute delight to smoke. You’ll just love the mellow, sweet, and aromatic flavors of classic, rich tobacco. They are available in units of 40 (2 fresh-loc foil packs of 20) – the world’s largest cigar store.


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