Swisher Sweets – Cigarillos White Grape

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One of the world’s top selling machine made brands, Swisher Sweets Cigars international acclaim comes from its use of quality tobaccos, unique flavorings, and very affordable pricing. Famous for their classic cigarillo size, these cigars also feature a blunt, corona, and Lonsdale for those who prefer a larger ring gauge. With an extensive choice of wrapper shades and blends ranging from pure tobacco to fruity and exotic all presented in several variations of packaging, Swisher Sweet Cigars are suited to fit every taste, lifestyle, and budget.


The popular Swisher Sweets Cigarillos White Grape offers a refreshing crisp flavor that comes from the blending of creamy smooth short filler tobaccos with this luscious tangy fruit. Every puff soothes the senses with its warm sugary taste, and scintillating aroma. Sold in 30 Packs of 2, (60 total).

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed
United States
Light Brown / Natural


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